“Yes, Prince Andrew SHOULD parade with the Garter Knights – and then be kicked into the moat at Windsor Castle” – Fleet Street Fox


There’s a school of thought that says if it’s a tradition, you have to carry it on.

For this reason, the Queen appoints luminaries to the Order of the Garter, a modern round table of the most chivalrous dedicated to public service.

That’s why every June the Garter Knights and Ladies parade through the grounds of Windsor Castle to St George’s Chapel, where new members are given their own stand, topped by a helm and sword and a gleaming brass nameplate.

And that’s despite only raising millions in March to pay off a woman who had accused him of sexual assault; though public opinion of him could not be less; and despite the fact that tickets have been issued to the public to sit on the Windsor lawns with a picnic and watch the procession.

Perhaps he should be commended for his insatiable optimism, but not many sex offenders would think it wise to set out like Liberace and prance around in front of people within reach of disposable groceries.

Although it will be a pleasure to see the headline “The Duke of Yolk” if anyone fancy picking up half a dozen free range.

This year, Tony Blair will be among the initiates, leaving more than one target available for anyone who feels able to outmaneuver a regiment of guards and airport security.

“I brought an egg, but they cracked it open at security”


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But back to chivalry, which here in my dictionary means “gallant, honourable, courteous”, all qualities which Prince Andrew has conspicuously failed to show for 6 decades.

The next entry defines ‘chivalry’ as “the medieval system of chivalry with its religious, moral and social code; the combination of qualities expected of an ideal knight, particularly courage, honor, courtesy, justice, and a willingness to help the weak; a man’s polite behavior, especially towards women.”

*raises an eyebrow at The Reader*

The Order of the Garter dates back to 1348. His membership is the Queen’s only gift. And perhaps she knows the personal qualities of her second son much better than any of us.

But a man who remained friends with a criminal who was released under house arrest after admitting he had recruited a minor into prostitution was photographed with the same pedophile while he was at 36 civil charges alleging the molestation of young girls to settle. named in court documents as his associate and publicly declaring he was “appalled” by the crimes a decade after he must have found out about it, isn’t exactly screaming “I’M DEAD CHIVALROUS, ME”.

On the other hand, Andrew was made a Garter in 2006 before the court cases against him began. It was also 7 years after he invited shady financier Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend to Balmoral, 6 years after the pair attended a party with the Queen, and 4 years after welcoming Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey to the Buckingham Palace had brought to sit on her throne. Maybe, she thought, he was just being chivalrous. After all, he himself said he had “a penchant for honesty.”

Maybe he confused that with too many honors


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Of course he’s a man of too much honor, too much privilege, too much nobility. Too many titles if you ask the people of York, and too much mess if you ask others.

What excess of honor – and brass – is why he will dress in velvet robes, drape himself in precious gems, and tuck an ostrich-feathered cap on his head to parade before the ticketed audience as one of the The 20 most chivalrous people in the kingdom. As a royal Knight of the Garter drafted for personal service to the Queen, he believes he will attend the public procession in a private capacity, which makes about as much sense as anything he’s ever said.

The problem is that the only service he has rendered to the Queen is to bring her family closer to parole. Andrew waited almost a quarter of a century after his friend admitted to child sex offenses before regretting his association with him. Lawyers attacked his accuser for years before he admitted she was one of Epstein’s many victims. And by dragging the scandal from 2010 to 2022, he has done more damage to the royal family than Diana, Fergie or Meghan.

And Prince Harry is being criticized for writing a book! Unless he’s pen pals with Ian Huntley, there’s nothing he can write that would make Andrew’s misconduct pale in comparison.

So the Queen appoints her family to the Order of the Garter because monarchs have been doing this for almost 700 years. The most honorable people she can think of are displayed in their finery because she can’t think of a lollipop lady worthy of a spot. And Prince Handsdrew will be there anyway, because otherwise it’s only golf between here and the grave.

Other knights who have drawn royal wrath over the years have been defeated by Orf. Andrew might at least find himself the NFI for this and future years of chivalrous celebrations.

But there is another beautiful old tradition that Her Majesty could reinstate if she wished. It’s called “Degradation” and last happened in 1716 after the Duke of Ormonde was expelled from the Order of the Garter after supporting a Jacobite rebellion. It’s the royal equivalent of that moment in Mary Poppins when Mr. Banks gets a hole punched in his bowler hat.

The Garter King of Arms reads an instrument of humiliation while the heralds remove the knight’s banner, sword and helm over his stand. They are thrown to the ground and kicked by heralds down the length of St George’s Chapel, out the doors and into the moat of Windsor Castle, which is as fine a resting place for the honor of Prince Andrew as can be imagined.

Well, that’s something viewers would REALLY applaud. It could also restore some of the royal reputation that has cost Andrew. After all, if it’s a tradition, you have to carry it on, right? "Yes, Prince Andrew SHOULD parade with the Garter Knights - and then be kicked into the moat at Windsor Castle" - Fleet Street Fox

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