You can ease anxiety in minutes with mindfulness hack 54321

Next time you feel a surge of panic, try mindfulness hack 54321, backed by psychologists.

About every sixth Briton suffers from it fearwhich can become severe enough to interfere with daily life, sleep, and relationships.

Take a few minutes to practice mindfulness trick 54321


Take a few minutes to practice mindfulness trick 54321Photo credit: Getty

Many more also suffer from panic disorder, which is when you suddenly feel a sense of anxiety for no apparent reason, resulting in a panic attack in some cases.

Both conditions require treatment and you should consult your GP if this is the case symptoms.

But there are a number of strategies that can help alleviate overwhelming feelings of anxiety in minutes.

Mindfulness trick 54321 brings a person back into the present moment and helps ground them.

It can also help people who are just feeling a little jittery or stressed and have racing thoughts that distract them from sleep or work.

A number of psychologists recommend it because it’s so easy to do anytime, anywhere — you don’t have to sit still in your bedroom.

The Mayo Clinic — a renowned non-profit medical center in the US — describes the technique and suggests using it “the next time you have trouble on your mind.”

The trick

Sit quietly. Look around and notice

  • FIVE Things you can see: your hands, the sky, a plant on your colleague’s desk
  • FOUR Things you can feel physically: your feet on the ground, a ball, your friend’s hand
  • THREE Things you can hear: The wind is blowing, children’s laughter, your breath
  • TWO Things you can smell: freshly cut grass, coffee, soap
  • A what you taste: mint, chewing gum, the fresh air

It can be difficult to locate so many objects, especially when it’s so quiet you can’t hear or taste anything.

But that is the purpose of the task – to hold your attention and force you to focus on your senses in this moment.

Even if you only taste it on your tongue or listen to the hum of the central heating, do it right.

It is based on the practice of mindfulness.

The Mayo Clinic says, “Mindfulness is the act of being intensely aware of what you perceive and feel in each moment — without interpretation or judgement.

“Spending too much time planning, problem solving, daydreaming, or negative or random thoughts can be exhausting. It can also make you more likely to experience stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression.

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“Mindfulness practices, on the other hand, can help you take your attention away from this type of thinking and engage with the world around you.

“The goal is to practice mindfulness every day for about six months. Over time, you may find that mindfulness becomes effortless. Consider it a commitment to reconnect and nurture with yourself.” You can ease anxiety in minutes with mindfulness hack 54321

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