You shaved your legs the wrong way – experts say night shaving gives the best results

Dermatology experts have claimed that shaving your legs at night and leaving the work until the end of your shower could help you get a closer shave with less irritation

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Experts Say Changing Your Shaving Routine Could Keep You from Irritation (stock photo)

You’ve probably been shaving your legs for years, and at this point you’ve taken the process to an exact science, right?

Well apparently not how experts say Most of us shave completely wrong.

According to dermatologists and experts from the Good Housekeeping Institute beauty labFor example, you could reduce your exposure to problems like razor bumps and ingrown hairs simply by making a few small changes to the way you shave — including the time of day you hop in the shower.

So if you’re struggling with this skin irritationmissed spots or nicks and cuts from your razor, here’s how to change up your shaving routine and keep that silky smooth feeling for a long time.

You should never dry shave as experts recommend investing in shaving cream (stock photo)


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Shave at the end of your shower

Shaving legs can be a tedious process, so it can be tempting to go ahead and get it out of the way as soon as you step into the shower.

However, experts advise waiting about 15 minutes before you start shaving to give your hair time to soften and your follicles to open up, making for a closer shave.

Rather than pull out the razor right away, try washing your hair and body first and waiting until the end of your shower routine to shave.

Leave your shave until nighttime

You might feel like you’re ready for the day ahead after shaving with your morning shower, but apparently we should wait until the evening to get down to business.

Shaving before bed could make your legs even smoother, as sleeping can cause your legs to swell slightly and hair to pull back into its follicles.

Invest in a shaving cream

Experts say that no matter how rushed you are, you should never go “dry” shaving.

Instead, lather your legs in shaving foam or gel to protect the skin and ensure the razor glides easily – protecting you from nicks and cuts and giving you a clean shave.

New York dermatologist Ellen Gendler also advises against using a bar of soap to lather your legs, as she said, “It doesn’t create enough lubrication for a razor to easily glide over your skin, which can increase the likelihood of cuts.” “

Shave the leg first

Let’s face it, we’ve all shaved “against the grain,” haven’t we?

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but experts say you should first shave in the direction your hair is growing to minimize the possibility of irritation.

If you have very sensitive skin, you shouldn’t shave up at all, otherwise you can go against the grain if your leg hair is already trimmed short by shaving down the leg.

Prevent razor burn with a body scrub

We all want our shave to be as close as possible, but the closer you shave, the more likely you are to suffer from ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

To avoid those nasty red bumps, use an exfoliating body wash or body scrub twice a week to remove the skin that’s trapping the hair.

And once the razor burn has already set in, apply a warm compress to the affected area to relax the hair, and apply body lotion after the shower to soften the hair — making your skin less prone to infection.

Replace your razor blade every two weeks

Okay, this seems a bit crazy, but apparently we should change our razor blades every two weeks — and we’ll be the first to admit we definitely keep it a lot longer.

Experts say old blades are more likely to bump, redden and trap bacteria, and for maximum safety they should be replaced at the first sign of dullness – usually after two weeks of use.

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