You used all your stats wrong

Using your indicators incorrectly could result in a £5,000 fine and nine points on your driving licence.

Forgetting your stats completely can fall under the offenses of “careless and careless driving” or “careless and attentive driving” – both of which carry hefty fines.

If you fall to indicate the cause of an accident, you may be subject to a fine, penalty points or even a driving ban


If you fall to indicate the cause of an accident, you may be subject to a fine, penalty points or even a driving banCredit: Getty

The driving experts at Goodbye Car warn that you could even be disqualified from driving in extreme cases.

The fines and penalties will depend on the consequences of your failure to indicate, for example, if you caused an accident without paying attention.

Worse yet, because there’s no rule of thumb, it’s hard to know exactly what you should do.

While it is important to signal your intentions, it is also important not to use signals unnecessarily or leave your indicators on when you have completed your operation.

The Highway Code has rules about indicating, but here’s a guide that explains what you should do. That is:

  • give clear signal for many time, after check it is not biased to give signal at that time
  • use them to advise other road users before changing course or direction, stopping or moving
  • destroy them after use
  • ensure that your signal will not confuse others. For example, if you want to stop after a side street, don’t signal until you are crossing the street. If you signal earlier, it can give the impression that you are about to turn onto the road. Your brake light will warn traffic behind that you are slowing down
  • Use arm signals to emphasize or reinforce your signal if needed. Remember that signals do not give you priority.

Mark Royal, Goodbye Car’s chief operating officer, says: “Knowing when (and when not!) to point out is a skill of its own, as there are no black and white rules, but it’s incredibly important. is learning when they should be used for your own safety and that of other drivers. ”

The website says: “If a driver is too lazy to point out and their imprecise actions were a direct result of a crash, they could face charges of reckless driving. careful.”

Goodbye Car has shared top tips to make sure you’re on the right track and can avoid fines and penalties.

Mirror, Signal, Maneuver

Whenever you want to move, check your mirror to make sure it’s safe, then signal your intentions to other drivers before moving

Signal at the right time

Indicating a lot of time can actually cause problems for other drivers.

For example, signaling too early can give the impression that you are changing lanes or turning earlier.

Signal only when you are about to reach the turn you want.

Destroy your stats after using

Remembering to use your stats at the right time is one thing, but remembering to cancel them is equally important.

If you continue to signal after you have moved, other drivers may expect you to make a different turn or change lanes.

Manual signal

If you’re worried about other drivers not seeing your signal, signal it manually just to be sure.

Do this by waving your arms out of your car window and making appropriate arm movements.

If in doubt, signal

Indicators should be used to signal any action that is not straight forward on the road.

This includes changing lanes, turning corners, following exits, turning off roundabouts and pulling over to the curb.

If you’re about to move and you’re not sure if you need a signal light, it’s always safer to signal other drivers around you than risk causing an accident.

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