You won’t believe these optical illusions are NOT videos – two pictures make your brain break

A pair of mind-blowing optical illusions that are tricking everyone’s eyes into seeing movement, even though both are stationary.

One shows a large ball shape that appears to be shaking – except it’s not a video or GIF, so will be completely static.

It's moving even though it's completely still


It’s moving even though it’s completely stillCredit: Akiyoshi Kitaoka

Moving your head from side to side or scrolling the web page up and down will fool our eyes that it is shaking.

Visual illusion specialist Akiyoshi Kitaoka shared this trick on Twitter for users who were stunned but warned it might make some people feel dizzy or sick.

One commenter said they “had to take a screenshot to believe”.

“The human brain, the most complex object known in the universe, can’t tell if this f**king jpeg is posing as a gif,” another joked.

This effect is called anomalous motion illusion.

Kitaoka also shared another wild illusion that instead appears to show an expanding black mist.

But again, it’s a completely static image, so it doesn’t really change at all.

This is called the illusion of Fujiwara.

One observer likened it to a “devil expanding black spot” and said it was “almost creepy” to look at.

Another person noticed that it seems to widen when squinting your eyes.

The dark fog expands


The dark fog expandsCredit: Akiyoshi Kitaoka

If you like optical illusions, be sure not to miss this, this shows a color your computer monitor cannot display.

The color is called ‘true cyan’.

There is also a so-called ‘super illusion’ that makes you see things that don’t exist.

The trippy animation appears to show a stickman climbing stairs and jumping, but your eyes are deceiving you a lot.

Meanwhile, two other elephants on the seesaw make noises even though the video has no noise.

In other news, be careful Nasa admitted it might have to study sex in space if humanity were to go to another planet.

One Ancient Great Landslide Deep in the ocean has been found to trigger a massive tsunami with “just a little shaking in the wrong place”.

Samsung has been accused performance tuning of more than 10,000 apps that run on its latest smartphones.

And Nasa will let you Submit your name on a flight around the Moon – FREE.

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