Young woman, 26, ‘attracted to maturity’ says strangers assume boyfriend, 52, is her father

Chloe Canterbury, 26, has been with 52-year-old Eric for almost two years after meeting through mutual friends and admits she was immediately drawn to his “maturity”.

Chloe Canterbury, 26, has to correct strangers when they mistake boyfriend Eric, 52, for her father
Chloe Canterbury, 26, has to correct strangers when they mistake boyfriend Eric, 52, for her father

A woman’s boyfriend, who is 26 years her senior, is often mistaken for her father by strangers.

Chloe Canterbury, 26, of Florida, USA, clumsily corrects strangers when they mistake her boyfriend Eric, 52, for her father.

The couple met through mutual friends and have been together for almost two years after admitting she found him attractive and was drawn to his maturity.

Chloe, a mother to her three-year-old daughter Sophia, has revealed she’s attracted to a more mature man.

She said: “I’m mature beyond my years and I’m attracted to the maturity of someone older.

“This isn’t my first relationship with an age difference. I prefer to be with older men because I don’t want to deal with the drama that would come with being in a relationship with someone my own age.

Chloe said she found Eric attractive and was drawn to his maturity


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“Strangers have mistaken Eric for my dad, especially when we were on vacation, but I just correct them and tell them he’s my friend, not my dad.

“They don’t mean it maliciously, they just really don’t know. So it doesn’t bother me at all.

“Eric and I first met through mutual friends.

“In the beginning it wasn’t romantic at all between us as I was in a relationship at the time.

“I ended my engagement to my fiancé before Eric and I spoke.

“I have a three-year-old daughter and Eric had a four-year-old daughter, so initially we had playdates with our daughters and eventually things just moved on.”

Chloe admitted she doesn’t like putting up with the immaturity of men her age.

She says that she is more mature than most people her age and therefore prefers relationships with older men.

Chloe says Eric also convinced her by how good a father he was to his daughters


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Chloe added: “Being in a relationship with someone older doesn’t worry me.

“We are talking about expanding our family in the future. We both want more children.

“It’s one of the first things we talked about when we first started dating.

“Apart from his younger daughter, he also has an 18-year-old daughter and I have an amazing relationship with her.

“We’ve become best friends – we do everything together.

“I’m so grateful for how well we get along and what makes mine and Eric’s relationship even more special.

“Eric and I agree on every aspect of life.

“We love to travel and are adventurous. We are both business owners so we can connect on that level too.

“And we love to have fun. Sometimes I feel like he’s younger than me when we party!

The mother of her three-year-old daughter said she wouldn’t change the age difference for the world


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The couple have been together for almost two years, having met through mutual friends


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“We are very similar.”

Chloe says Eric also convinced her by how much he was a good father to his daughters, which is important to her as she has a daughter of her own.

Although introducing an older partner to friends and family can be daunting, Chloe’s family loves Eric just as much as they do.

She said: “In the early stages of a relationship it can be difficult when you think about what people are going to think about your relationship and how people are going to judge it.

“But you just have to realize that it doesn’t matter what other people think as long as you’re happy, but it can be difficult to get past those thoughts.

“In my first age-gap relationship, no one really knew about us other than my closest friends because I was afraid of being judged.

“But Eric met my family after a few months of dating and now they love him as much as I do.

Chloe’s family say they love Eric as much as they do


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“The only other challenge I’ve had to overcome is that people say it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

“He can be stubborn and stuck in his ways, but we compromise and overcome things.

“It just sometimes takes me a little longer to explain to him that there are other ways of looking at things.

“I’m so thankful for our age difference relationship because I don’t have to put up with the drama of a little boy.

“I love hanging out with our kids and am grateful for his older daughter and the relationship we have. I wouldn’t have that with someone her age.

“We love going on vacations together and we share a passion for the business. It’s nice to have someone I can trust because they have years of experience.

“I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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