Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Top 10 decks ranked

Unlike some of the other Yu-Gi-Oh! Video Games – I’m Looking at You Forbidden Memories – Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel follows the rules of the current TCG.

This means that fans of the card game can easily transfer their real-world skills to the game.


We’ve looked at the decks, archetypes, and engines of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! players use and ranked them based on how well they perform in Yu-Gi-Oh! master duel.

So if you’re a fan of online dueling, take a look at our list below and see if any of these sets will blow your mind.

10. Sky Striker

While Sky Strikers was a popular engine in TCG, it has become even more popular in Master Duel as certain cards have been upgraded from limited to semi-limited.

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Sky Strikers decks make limited use of Trap Cards – with the exception of Infinite Impermanence – and focus more on resource-gathering spells.

This build places Raye and Roze on the field only in relation to Main Deck monsters and focuses on Link cards like Hayate, Kagari, Shizuku, and Kagari to fuel the engine.

A Sky Striker’s deck builds spells in the player’s graveyard, allowing more effects to activate.

9. Dirty

Named after the main monster in the Deck – Eldlich The Golden Lord – an Eldlich Deck is designed to prevent your opponent from activating card effects or destroying the cards on your field.

Eldlich is a Zombie, and under the right conditions, this card can rise from its graveyard death and return to the field.

This isn’t a deck for those who like quick and dirty fights, as your focus is on constantly draining your opponent’s resources.

Completing your lineup with numerous Trap Cards will earn you the contempt of all your enemies.

8. Prank Kids

The Prank Kids deck feels like a complete meme, but when pulled off properly it can be devastating.

With this Deck, you use the Level 1-4 Prank Kids monsters to Fuse, Link, and Special Summon other cards while gathering resources to create devastating combos.

While fusing cards like Dodo-Doodle-Doo, Bow-Wow-Bark, and Meow-Meow-Mu, this build’s effects are no joke.

What’s great about this deck is that it’s easy to build, making it perfect for beginners, while still offering a lot of variety to play.

It might not seem like the coolest deck, but it’s efficient, and that’s what really matters.

7th Tri Brigade

If you’re a fan of beasts, Tri-Brigade is the deck for you, mixing beast, winged beast, and beast warrior cards together.

This build relies heavily on repeated combo attacks, as even after the beasts move to the graveyard, more effects will activate from there.

This build link summons boss monsters like Shuraig combined with ban strategies.

What makes this deck particularly dangerous is adding Zoodiac monsters into the mix.

Combine Xyz Zodiac Beasts with Link Tri Brigade monsters to see the power of this deck for yourself.

6. Virtual World

If you need a build to counter the aforementioned Sky Strikers and Prank Kids decks, then Virtual World is for you.

As the name suggests, the focus is on the main deck monsters of the virtual world, which are banished for their bonuses and Synchro Summoning.

Shenshen is great for this deck because it can banish all cards on the field at once.

Using Ultimaya Tzolkin’s effects and then summoning Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon will completely negate the opponent’s effects for a devastating combo.

5. Phantom Knight Raidraptor

Activating the Phantom Knights’ banishment effects in the Graveyard and Special Summoning monsters of the same Level on the field allows you to quickly Xyz Summon powerful dark monsters.

This engine has unified archetypes and uses Raider’s Knight for better consistency.

If you manage to summon Ultimate Falcon with Rank-Up Magic, your opponent will be forced to concede quickly.

4. Dragon Maiden

Inspired by the anime Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Dragon Maidens can switch between dragon and human form.

By changing forms during the duel, they provide a variety of benefits, including better protection, and the main boss monster Dragonmaid Sheou can negate all effects.

The best thing about Dragonmaid decks is that when House Dragonmaid is on the field, each Dragonmaid returned to your hand means destroying a monster on your opponent’s side.

Cute and destructive, just like a dragon girl.

3. Shaddoll called

This is another build based on effects that activate when banished to the graveyard, with the added bonus of a bunch of flip effects.

By using Aleister of Invoker, you can take Invocation into your hand and then create El Shaddoll Construct.

This beast deals effectively with Special Summoned monsters, and you can gather more resources with other Shaddoll monsters in the main deck.

You can also use Summon to Fuse Summoned Extra Deck Monsters, allowing you to use cards from your opponent’s Graveyard as Fusion Materials. One not to be overlooked.


Toon monsters are a force to be reckoned with due to their versatility.

They can attack the opponent directly as long as they don’t also grab a Toon Deck, and powerful cards like Toon Dark Magician can provide additional Toon Summons and add Spell or Trap Cards to your hand.

In addition, the core card of the deck is the Toon Kingdom, which protects your Toon cards from destruction.

With this protection, you can prepare your toon army to charge through your opponent.

1. Drytron Fairy

This build is a Ritual deck that relies on the Fairy monsters to quickly take down whatever your opponent is trying to pull off.

Discarding a fairy with the effect of the boss monster Herald of Ultimateness nullifies everything the opponent planned.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Trap or a Spell card, it’s no use against a Drytron Fairy deck.

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Cyber ​​Angel monsters can be used as Ritual Materials to summon more resources from your Deck, and using Dryton Combo allows you to do that on the first turn.

It may be a defensive deck, but it’s also unstoppable.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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